Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019

4th Mar 2024

Leading up to Earth Day 2019 there has been significant press coverage of how climate change is a major contributor to the surge of immigrants arriving at the United States border. For decades we have witnessed the steady migration of Guatemalan citizens to the US, but that has only worsened with decline of food harvests for subsistence farmers. These mostly indigenous Mayan communities have malnutrition rates around 70% due to a series of droughts and crop failures. So many of these people leave their homes out of desperation and necessity. Recent U.S. government policy to cut aid to Guatemala only exacerbates the problems.

At Altiplano we know that our work goes well beyond creating fair trade products and stable employment opportunity. We embrace a long-term responsibility to support the environment, culture, and children of the communities in which we work. We are committed to working locally and globally toward sustainability.

We are fortunate for the opportunity to partner with AIR Guatemala toward positive change in Guatemala. Through educational programs and community training, rural families are learning regenerative farming practices, reforestation, and environmental conservation. AIR Guatemala provides resources for communities to start their own nurseries, plant their own trees, and educate the children about caring for the natural resources of their mountainous native lands.

Shari and John from Altiplano have visited these projects in Mayan communities that are working toward change and healthy earth stewardship. We are inspired by these humble people and their willingness to work together to care for their lands. It gives us hope that the vision will grow and spread, and that Guatemala will build resiliency to the impacts of climate change. 

Altiplano is a proud sponsor of AIR Guatemala, where 92% of their funding goes directly into their work in the field. If you would like to consider a donation in celebration of Earth Day, you can contribute directly on their website >>

Happy Earth Day!