Mouthblown Glassware

$23.00 - $64.00

This mouthblown glassware is perfect for entertaining both indoors & outside under the sun. 

Our artisan made mouthblown glassware is shapely and sturdy, and comes in rich, beautiful hues. Perfect for entertaining, our sea & sky colored glassware is perfect for everyday use, outdoor entertaining or the most festive of affairs.  Drinking glasses (B & G) are sold in sets of 4. Prices of these items vary- just choose an item to check its price.

All of our glassware is individually mouth blown by Copavic, a worker owned cooperative in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Buy Copavic glass and help support this great project!


A) Pitcher: H= 8 3/4", W= 3 3/4"

B) Set of 4 glasses: H= 4 3/4", D= 2 1/4"

C) Vase: H= 6", W(base)= 2 7/8", W(top)= 5 3/8"

D) Vase: same as C

E) Large Vase: H= 9 1/4", W(base)= 4", W(top)= 6 1/2"

F) Pitcher: H= 6 1/2", W= 4 3/8"

G) Set of 4 glasses: H= 3 3/8", D= 2 1/2"

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